905nm Probe “Strong” Terminal



The 905nm laser introduces a specialised approach for qualified professionals to treat specific conditions.

The 905nm laser is about 6 times less absorbed in water (blood/lymph) than 980nm, thus allowing more energy to be delivered directly into deeper target tissues. This translates into stronger impact upon the organism as the whole, and under certain conditions, faster healing with fewer treatments.

(Note: needs hand device to operate; this is for Set add-on)


Size and weight

Size: 134 x 40 mm
Weight: 61 g each

Infrared laser

Wavelength: 905 nm
Optical Power: 10 mW (max)

Light Emitting Diodes

Red: 650 nm
Indigo Violet: 420 nm
Yellow/Green: 570 nm
Red: 300 mcd
Indigo Violet: 240 mcd
Yellow/Green: 240 mcd

Magnetic Field

Strength: 100 mT (max)



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