905nm Probe “Strong” Terminal


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The 905nm laser introduces a specialised approach for qualified professionals to treat specific conditions.

The 905nm laser is about 6 times less absorbed in water (blood/lymph) than 980nm, thus allowing more energy to be delivered directly into deeper target tissues. This translates into a stronger impact upon the organism as a whole, and under certain conditions, faster healing with fewer treatments.

(Note: needs hand device to operate; this is for Set add-on)


Size and weight

Size: 134 x 40 mm
Weight: 61 g each

Infrared laser

Wavelength: 905 nm
Optical Power: 10 mW (max)

Light Emitting Diodes

Red: 650 nm
Indigo Violet: 420 nm
Yellow/Green: 570 nm
Red: 300 mcd
Indigo Violet: 240 mcd
Yellow/Green: 240 mcd

Magnetic Field

Strength: 100 mT (max)



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