980nm Aesthetic “Soft” Terminal


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The 980nm Aesthetic laser terminal provides gentle overall support and focuses on gradually building up the body’s own resources rejuvenating the skin for a more natural youthful appearance.

Enjoyed with a cup of tea, in a relaxed setting, this terminal provides a lovely feeling of warmth as it is gently scanned over the skin of the face and neck. Holistic beauty is the future and now is the time.

(Note: needs hand device to operate; this is for Set add-on)


Size and weight

Size: 91 x 61 x 38 mm
Weight: 53 g

Infrared laser

Wavelength: 980 nm
Optical Power: 10 mW (max)

Light Emitting Diodes

Red: 650 nm
Indigo Violet: 420 nm
Yellow/Green: 570 nm
Red: 300 mcd
Indigo Violet: 240 mcd
Yellow/Green: 240 mcd

Ultrasound (plastic end cups)

Frequency: 40 kHz
Sound pressure: 0 dB at contact, -30 dB at 30 cm (max)

Magnetic Field

Strength: 100 mT (max)


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