coMra Palm White (New in Damaged Box)

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This is an unused NEW coMra Palm with all new accessories in a box that got roughed up during handling. While supplies last. (USA & Canadian customers only).

The coMra Palm combines three radiant energies – near infrared laser, magnetic field and colour LEDs – for a fully coherent coMra treatment.

The geometric design of the coMra Palm has been developed for effortless control during long treatment times. Buttons made from soft silicone give a tactile feel, aiding non-visual operation for quicker and easier application of repetitive treatment points.

Visual and audio feedback via LED display areas and button tones, ensure that you are aware of the correct frequency and timing.

Easy to use and ready to go right out of the box. Just follow the steps in the quick start guide.

The coMra Palm device was created for anyone to apply coMra therapy – a gentle, non-invasive, highly effective method of healing.

The coMra Palm is easy to use and an effective personal device for pain relief, tissue and nerve repair, and to help restore vitality and stamina. Download the free guide containing detailed protocols for treating over 200 conditions in the comfort of your own home.

coMra User Guide

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