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The coMra Palm combines three radiant energies – near infrared laser, magnetic field and colour LEDs – for a fully coherent coMra treatment.

The geometric design of the coMra Palm has been developed for effortless control during long treatment times. Buttons made from soft silicone give a tactile feel, aiding non-visual operation for quicker and easier application of repetitive treatment points.

Visual and audio feedback via LED display areas and button tones, ensure that you are aware of the correct frequency and timing.

Easy to use and ready to go right out of the box. Just follow the steps in the quick start guide.

The coMra Palm device was created for anyone to apply coMra therapy – a gentle, non-invasive, highly effective method of healing.

The coMra Palm is easy to use and an effective personal device for pain relief, tissue and nerve repair, and to help restore vitality and stamina. Download the free guide containing detailed protocols for treating over 200 conditions in the comfort of your own home.

coMra User Guide:

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6 reviews for coMra Palm Grey

  1. Artie

    Its normal to be skeptical thinking a laser from a tiny device is helping you somehow, but when you hit a spot that needs it, you feel the effects right away. Regardless of how much someone drinks, I’m sure every one could use a liver treatment.

  2. Jose Martin Espinoza

    This amazing device is the future. I was also skeptical at first but after a few treatments I had confirmation it works. The battery life is great, perfect for vacation trips. Can’t wait to get the full size Delta Laser.

  3. Debra Guido Herrera

    My husband and I are in our sixties. Up until we started using coMra, our doctor’s wanted us to take this pill and that pill. Now we’ve been using the Universal treatments since April and I personally have seen a reverse in rheumatoid arthritis on my fingers. And no longer will need medication. And even my doubting husband is acknowledging his overall health improvement. Amazing! I especially recommend this to all Seniors You won’t regret it

  4. Rocco DeVito

    I have been previewed to comra therapy for several years. I believe in it’s benefits and healings. I have used 2 different models on two separate occasions on a injury to my knees. I am most impressed by the results, effectiveness and overall holistic process. If you are on the fence about purchasing a unit do yourself a favor and reach out to Mr. Alexander Hevia and express you conditions and desired results. I personally saw Mr. Hevia for several treatments for my knees before purchasing a unit. I am very satisfied with this justified purchase and would recommend this product.

  5. Gus Hevia

    I’m 68 and have been dealing with arthritic pain in my thumb and wrist. The Comra Palm worked in reducing my joint pain. I have now quit using muscle and joint ointments. I’m very glad that I made the decision to purchase it.
    The battery life is tremendous. Only charge it once per week.

  6. Wallace Milham (verified owner)

    Since receiving my CoMra Palm I immediately began treatment for a sprained ankle. For 6 months I nursed this injury daily with ice, heat, a brace and elevation. My ankle was the size of a grapefruit everyday by midday. In five days of beginning the treatment, my swelling dramatically reduced and was absolutely gone the following week. Since then I’ve done many treatments all with dramatic results but the most significant was the treatment for constipation. WOW! This device is truly amazing and the best investment in my health that I’ve ever made. I’ve since purchased a second palm as a gift for a close friend. I’ve found a wealth of valuable information online with seminars, webcasts and YouTube videos that offer in depth information for a variety of treatments. My next purchase is the

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