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Compensation Plan

When products and services are awesome and provide real value they tend to sell themselves. Gimmicks and marketing tricks work for some time, and even fads are successful until they die out, but real value has staying power and will have a dedicated customer base. Hence the reason we’ve crafted an ability for our customers to make an income just by sharing our brand. And better yet, we’ve set it up where one can either manage a sales team or passively receive income through just sharing our products to loved ones also interested in taking full ownership of their health and wellness. This is a beautiful thing considering the financial plight many find themselves in nowadays.

We’ve opted for a simple multi level marketing compensation plan where one can sell directly and make 10% from each sale and then for four levels deep receive commission from their personal signups. Mind you, on each level this can go wide in an infinite way compounding the commission across a broad group of purchasers and ambassadors creating a generous revenue stream just by sharing health.

The commissions are as follows:Percent of Purchase PriceJohn’s Example
Direct Sale10%John’s Sales
Level 15%Mary’s Sales
Level 23.5%Mom’s Sales
Level 32.5%Betty’s Sales
Level 41.5%Bill’s Sales
Infinite Width on Each Level

An example will help: Let’s say we have a customer named John who loves the products and wants to share with family and friends because he desires for them to feel as good as he does. Knowing about our ambassador program he signs up. Now with access to his personalised dashboard and links he proceeds to introduce to others the wonderful news that is coMra. He makes his first sale with a coworker named Mary who has been dealing with some knee pain. After successful treatments Mary is thrilled, signs up, and easily shares with others how much better she feels and how easy the coMra Palm is to use. Her mom catches wind of her new found healthy state and asks to try it. After one treatment she notices the pain in her shoulder subsides a little and decides to get one her self for continuous treatments for full resolution of her condition. Mom being retired, but also in love with her trusty Palm, decides why not make some extra income helping her friends feel amazing. At a canasta game with her friends group, Betty notices mom isn’t muttering painful mentions when she reaches for the deck and asks about her shoulder. Mom shares about her trusty Palm and Betty immediately wants one feeling all the aches and pains she has. Betty is sold after just a few weeks of treatments and after seeing her friend’s side commission decides to approach her younger brother Bill, who still plays soccer with his buddies and has an assortment of issues stemming from that activity. He buys and shares with his soccer group.

Let’s put this into perspective through the percentages as shared above: John’s initial sale to Mary nets him 10% of the $399 purchase price ($39.90), Mary’s sale to her mom nets John 5% of $399 ($19.95), Mom’s sale to Betty nets John 3.5% of $399 ($13.96), Betty’s sale to brother Bill nets John 2.5% of $399 ($9.97) and Bills sale to just one of his soccer buddies nets John 1.5% of $399 ($5.98). In total John receives $89.76 in commission by just sharing health to Mary from which she felt the need to share as well and so on. This only covers just one line down as Mary will share with more people other than her mom, same with mom, same with Betty, are you beginning to get the idea?!

Add to that, and even though coMra therapy is our flagship product and approach, our coMra Wave technology is also an amazing way to reduce the harmful effects electrosmog has on cellular processes. Furthermore, this tech turns that chaotic energy into a beneficial energy signature the water molecules in our bodies will use to restructure and re-energize (a wonderfully passive approach to health and wellness). So as you can see, lots of potential to help your self and your community!! 🙂 Mind you, Mary, Mom, Betty and Bill all made commission as well. Health and wealth indeed!!

So imagine if John has 10 downlines like Mary, that’ll be $89.76 x 10 = $897.60, or a 100 such downlines for a commission of $8,976, or a 1000 for $89,760!!! This is just from one of our life changing solutions (namely the Palm), and it doesn’t include the potential breadth on levels 2, 3 and 4.

Basically, once your network begins to feel the reinvigorating and revitalising benefits from our products they will find it hard not to share with others. To take part in the numerous sales that will be occurring through 4 levels deep and infinite width, may very well put you in a position to receive generous income while assisting your community members to live healthier and more vibrant lives.

It is free to join our ambassador program where you can build a steady income in the pocket of your life.

Don’t delay, as a healthy successful life is the sum of choices made daily, ultimately determining your quality of life.

The time is NOW, Carpe Diem!