coMra — Healing with Coherence

What does healing with coherence mean?

That coMra therapy is the first of its kind to effectively combine 4 radiances (i.e. low level infrared laser, magnetism, LED lights and ultrasound) in a coherent modality that’s both safe and easy to use.

Your body has the innate intelligence to manage its resources and to ensure its processes are well kept as long as its energy reserves are up and running. The issues begin when the body runs a deficit energetically and then those processes breakdown due to a lack of energy and the production of such.

With coMra therapy, the coherent radiances safely and effectively assist the process of energy production, optimizing this, so that the cells of the body then have the capacity to manage their resources and perform their tasks.

coMra devices last well over 10 years and have been proven to do so. That means each device will be much less than a cup of coffee each day with the ability to be applied in all health circumstances (i.e. for cellular energy support and healing direction) effectively making you your very own healthcare practitioner.

The coMra Effect:

Supporting the cells of the body and believing in your will to heal is the future of healthcare available to you now with coMra therapy.

It’s your time to shine with the radiances of coMra therapy!

* Ultrasound available only in the coMra Pro devices

The coMra Collection