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A Healing Journey Through Eczema

Welcome to all!

My name is Diana, and I want to share my story for those that will find it useful in their journey of health and wellness. My hope here is that you find the power within and the tools at hand to push on through even when you feel that there is nothing left to help you overcome a most difficult challenge in life. I will share a part of my health journey that happened to be one of the hardest things I have ever experienced: learning how to cope and manage a dis-ease, in its severe stage, called eczema.

When I first started off with the severe expression of eczema – I’ve had smaller symptoms over many years – I began researching on the web the many ways people try and treat their eczema, with some cases showing people using baths of bleach to lessen the symptoms. What’s really interesting about this is that when I first experienced, what was most likely my first instance of eczema, (seemingly a minor rash on one of my fingers during the latter part of my teen years – I’m 42 now) I panicked and went straight to my mom. She then asked my grandmother, who then advised me to soak it in bleach. My finger began throbbing immediately and I almost passed out from the pain!! Yikes!! I ended up rushing to the ER thinking my finger was going to fall off. I’ll never forget that experience, learning full well and early in this health challenge of mine, that the bleach solution didn’t work for me. What did though?!

Way back when, in the year 2006, I began to notice again an itch on one of my fingers.  I just had my first born child, who at this time was around 6 months old, and while bathing him I began to notice that one of my fingers were getting red, itchy and a bit swollen during the process. Soon after noticing this, I made an appointment to see a dermatologist. Their diagnosis was that I had a metal allergy form of eczema and that I should watch what I touch, including my belt buckle or any metal, especially faux gold and silver. They also prescribed me a topical steroid cream to help relieve the itch. I used the cream for some time until the rash fully disappeared, thinking my battle with eczema was over.

Years later, the itch began again on one of my fingers. This time the itching sensation and swelling began to spread to a few other fingers, and then my hands began to crack all over which created painful and constant open cuts.

This was very uncomfortable as every time I had to wash my hands the water and soap irritated my skin causing them to burn. However, this time I had a coMra Delta already and it worked wonders removing the symptoms I was dealing with during this episode.

The worst was yet to come!

It was March 2020, and the world changed for everyone. The whole world was undergoing a health challenge, schools were closed, grocery stores were limited, there was panic all around. Just a year prior to this, my husband and I opened up a fitness studio. We were picking up momentum and gathering clientele, until our business was mandated to close. When things were allowed to reopen, we had lost most of our clientele as our focus was on the senior citizen community. Lots of strength and patience was needed during this downturn.

On February 17, 2021, the turn for the worst began as I woke up with a whole body breakout:

My face was swollen, my eyelids were puffy, and they were difficult to fully open. My neck was also red, swollen, itchy and painful. My lips also endured the breakout and became chapped, which made it painful to eat. My eyelids, arms, hands, the sides of my stomach, were all extremely itchy and painful. This experience was so physically and mentally painful and exhausting that even sleeping became a nightmare as the itch was so severe that I would wake up in the middle of the night wanting to scratch nonstop. I used ice packs to help soothe the itch and to help me fall back to sleep. Sometimes I would sleep with an ice pack on my chest to help me cope with the itch. We had just welcomed our blessed third child, our little girl, so I needed to rest as I was nursing her. This caused me to stress more, knowing I needed the rest but couldn’t fully with all this discomfort, in turn making my skin break out even more – a vicious cycle!! I was so embarrassed at this time that I avoided gatherings with family and friends because of the way I felt and looked. I felt dispassionate and distraught! And that didn’t help at all!

In hindsight, and now with the ability to see this experience objectively, I can understand that we all experience ups and downs in life with the real gist in how we respond to these situations. This is what I really want to impress on others dealing with this or a similar skin health challenge as my life experiences, when taken in a negative and stressful way, brought forth the manifestation of the skin irritation, as this condition intensified while I was under a lot of stress and going through life challenges that I was unable, at the time, to learn from properly.  Basically, my major trigger that manifested into regular and unabated skin irritation.

Furthermore, I must share, I have found solace in the past meditating, surrounding myself with white light during mental challenges (namely depression) and I utilise a form of techniques based upon the Toltec Teachings. So I wasn’t completely lost even though at times it felt as I was. Thus, during one of my moments of reflection, I began to see how all of this stress I had was my own creation! Having this realization that my own actions were, in the end, causing this full body rash, this dis-ease, I started to approach it from this angle 100%. Knowing I had the tools to learn from this challenge, I knew at this moment of realisation that I would feel better. This belief is the MOST important step to healing! Now I just needed to act with this belief in myself. First and foremost, I prayed, did breathing exercises and focused on staying as relaxed as possible no matter what was happening in my life in any given moment. The only way I was going to overcome this nightmare was by remaining calm in the eye of the storm. These were the first steps I took and the true beginning of my healing journey.

Even though I was aware of these things in a conscious way, these first steps were by no means easy, as I was in a constant state of pain. I feel like now is a good time to share about how coMra therapy helped me physically while I uncovered the deeper aspects of my disease.

I first began treating the cells of my body with my laser (a coMra Delta 905 Medical) as soon as I noticed the symptoms. And even though it soothed, reduced the inflammation, and helped me cope with the worst of the symptoms (i.e. it didn’t get any worse after a point), I still continued to deal with the disease sometimes thinking that not even coMra was going to help – we’ve had so many successes with coMra that that was hard to believe. This brings me to another great point. For acute issues coMra is direct and will normally resolve any of those rather quickly. For more involved diseases, with history, like the one I had, you MUST meet coMra half way.

Here is what I did to approach the physical ailment: the Dermatology 1 / Eczema treatment. Now with coMra addressing the inflamed and unhealthy cells, assisting the healer within to regenerate the cells of my body into a healthy state, I knew my side to the process was to continue unraveling the mental root cause; namely, my approach to stress and how I perceive it. Practically speaking, I began to watch my thoughts and the words that I kept telling myself. I was committed to changing the way I was reacting towards my life. I will explain in more detail below how I used the tools at hand to help me feel at peace and bring harmony back to my mind and body.

This is why coMra therapy is a favorite tool of mine and was invaluable in this process of my healing journey. Being holistically focused, I didn’t have the desire to just cover the symptoms with over the counter medicine, or the stronger stuff, knowing that this would only be a temporary solution if it worked at all. Worst part is, from my experience, the disease would remanifest in other ways, known commonly as side effects. coMra was enough to soothe the itch and reduce the heavy parts of my swelling; also, it doesn’t chemically alter any process in the body, instead it focuses its energy on promoting and supporting the body’s own natural healing process. To learn more on how coMra works, visit the therapy page.

Aside from my coMra treatments, I also practiced Tai chi for relaxation. Here I had to be easy and stay focused as the slow movements were a bit difficult sometimes making my itch more apparent. I just let go, relaxed as much as possible and focused on the movements to put aside the itching sensations. This is to say that one should never give up or give in to the disease. Under all of these negative health circumstances, I even still practiced my strength training routine. And despite the itch, I managed to persevere and complete the workout each and every time. The key to success is never giving up!!

Moreover, the Win Hof (Iceman) approach was also very helpful. The cold showers decreased the itch and helped fortify my mental state. I only took cold showers for a while. And truly, this felt very relieving to my skin, and also brought a sense of calm post shower. Some people are known for even taking ice baths to take it a little further!

One morning, a friend texted me with an incredible uplifting video that brought a major shift to my life. This video was by Dr. Joe Dispenza. In which he said, “We can learn and change in a state of pain and suffering – or we can evolve in a state of joy and inspiration.” I then began learning all about his teachings and meditations and felt connected to his guidance. I began following his guided meditations and found an incredible amount of inner peace, which brought much inspiration and hope.  

Journaling was also a daily affair, as it brought much encouragement towards my healing journey. My journaling involved me writing about all the many things that I was grateful for and everything I was blessed for. I would also vent if I needed to, that way I would release anything that was hindering my growth. Writing positive affirmations was done daily to help me stay on track with my health goals. A tip I learned when writing the affirmations was to write what I was intending on, in the present tense. For example, I would write, “Today is a wonderful day because I am healthy, and my body feels soft and rejuvenated”. Even waking up feeling awful, which happened much, I wouldn’t stay in that state for too long. I acknowledged it and continued my day and focused instead on what was beautiful around me. I kept my head up and wrote in my journal of how grateful and thankful I was for another day on earth. Along these lines, and whenever I felt an itch, instead of scratching in desperation, I would gently rub on my skin and tell it how much I loved it, and basically just gave my body love. I learned to let go. And in time, it began working as my body started to heal!

As far as diet, I personally stay away from processed and junk food. And normally eat lots of protein, with a balance of whole foods normally in a low carb fashion. I stay away from products that are filled with preservatives and are heavily processed.

As I continued with coMra treatments, the guided meditations, cold showers, exercising, and journaling, and an overall positive outlook in life, my health improved significantly. I began seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Every day I woke up to less itch and less open wounds. Until one day, and this was months later, I came to the realization that I wasn’t in pain anymore. I was ecstatic to enjoy the simple things in life like bathing my baby and taking a shower without any pain. This was the best feeling in the world! I knew I was no longer trapped by the itch and the pain that went with it. I was finally healed!

Now there’s a caveat to all of this. A year later, I experienced a rash on my neck, AGAIN! I was disappointed as I realized I remanifested the skin condition. I was truly in awe of how quickly I could manifest a dis-ease with a moment of negative thinking and just the wrong stressful situation, or rather my perception of it. So as soon as I took notice, this time with more personal power as I already gained the knowledge and understanding to overcome this disease, I knew I had what it took to uncover this challenge much quicker this time. I approached the situation with ease and continued utilizing the tools at hand. I took a moment to relax, and felt that this relapse was teaching me something further of myself on my journey in life. I had to search deep inside and ask myself why I was not at ease. And if I couldn’t find a solution to the stressful problem then I accepted what was and took it as guidance, learning from the situation. Both good and bad experiences are there to teach us something about ourselves, from which we learn to grow and evolve. The rash on my neck was gone in just a couple of days this time. 😉

“We either overcome the situation, or we let it overcome us” – By me

From all of this, I learned that if negative thinking can create a dis-ease, then positive thinking can create something better, wholesome and beautiful. And that is what I focus on now.

“Shower your mind with love and light and watch it grow with inspiration, strength, and hope ” – By me

I feel extremely blessed and fortunate to be able to share with the world and to serve as an example that there is always hope. And every day is a new day. We are magical beings of the universe and we have the power to change our current situation in a blink of an eye. It’s up to us to decide if we are worthy enough to believe we are capable, so then all we have to do is act. The tools are here to help you fight on through, because you are a warrior at heart and I believe you can too. 😊

With much strength and encouragement,


P.S. I am more than happy to be of support! You can chat with me via the chat function of this website.

P.P.S. I am going to share some of my favorite quotes that helped me in my time of need:

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear. ” – Nelson Mandela

“In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was within me an invincible summer.” – Albert Camus

“Remember, no human condition is ever permanent; then you will not be overjoyed in good fortune nor too sorrowful in misfortune.” – Socrates

“For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared to the glory which shall be revealed in us.” Romans 8:18

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” – Buddha

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.” – Helen Keller

“Enlightenment begins on the other side of despair.” – Sartre

“Sometimes I get discouraged and feel my work’s in vain; But then the Holy Spirit revives my soul again.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Let nothing disturb thee, nothing affright thee. All things are passing, God never changes. Patient endurance attaineth to all things. Who God possesses, in nothing is wanting. Alone God suffices.” – St. Theresa of Avila

Here are some pictures of my healthy looking skin and hands: