Wave Pendant



Made from luxurious hand-polished zirconium ceramic, the coMra Wave Pendant is the pinnacle of the coMra Wave line.

With a double-sided finish – Black and White Pearl – and a pure silver clasp, the Pendant offers a unique and unisex impression, designed for everyday wear – on a chain, key fob or anywhere next to the skin. It provides the greatest level of protection out of all devices because of additional quartz crystal layer, designed for a more effective imprint of harmonic wave forms back into your body.

Each Wave Pendant has a white and black side, so it can be flipped from one side to the other to suit one’s desired expression.

There are no moving parts nor battery, simply thread into your favorite chain or cord and wear like a normal necklace.

You can also use Pendant to hang inside water containing structures to energise your drinking water.


*Note: Chain included is for temporary use to enjoy your Wave Pendant immediately. We recommend you pair your Pendant with a more permanent necklace in the style of your choice.  



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